Oloip Maasai Dancers
This year also saw the group make another very successful trip to the UK courtesy of woodland ways and wonderful individuals like Jason Ingamells and Robin Brooke, who made great efforts to see us stay happy, this time the village School got some funding for Teachers salaries and School Feeding Program, the school has also seen an increase in children from 72 to 74, it has also received one laptop, and a printer from friends in England through Oloip group

some of school going children learning under a tree, this was before we built them classrooms,
the school has also received some solar panels, from the government project, through our area chief Makana, a very humble and Godly man, the teachers nowadays print exams for children right in the school staff room, amazing!!!!!


In 2015, we undertook an immensely successful trip to England spanning a total of six very exciting and profitable weeks, after which the group came back an added another classroom to the school at Oloika, the members also benefited from this trip as most of them where able to build or renovate their houses and also paid for their children school fees, the community project has benefited from these kind of trips as the group gets help from friends and well wishers, within and outside the country.

Oloip dance group doing what they know best,a t one of their amazing performance in England.

On 17th. October 2015 the group took 9 friend sand well wishers  to see the school project and surprisingly they donated generously towards the project, the community welcomed them so well and after their visit, they commended highly of the project. 

School children with some of the wonderful friends from Egnland.


In 2014 the Dance Troop undertook a number of performances in and around the Rift Valley raising awareness of our traditions and culture. We again welcomed visitors from the UK to experience maasai culture living in one of the remote villages we work with.

We have now assisted with the construction of extra classrooms at the school in the village, plus an external area for tuition when it is really hot. The teachers at the school have been funded a pay rise. We are now looking at further community projects including the introduction of bee hives as an income generating project.

We are very excited to once again be returning to the UK for a further tour and performances, including a performance at the heart of every explorers world... The Royal Geographical Society in London.

In 2013 the Oloip Dance troop welcome once again the return of a visit from the UK of guests who are raising funds to continue the financing of the school built in one of the villages in the Rift Valley.

In May 2013 the Oloip Maasai troop are travelling to the United Kingdom as guests at the UK's The Bushcraft Show being held in Derbyshire. Here we will be performing to the general public with out dance's. We are then heading on a small tour of both central England and South East England including performances at our sponsors venue "The World Of Bushcraft Centre" in Bedfordshire.


In 2012 the Oloip Maasai Dance Troop welcomed a group of english tourists to Kenya and facilitated a tour of various cultural sites around the heart lands of the maasai within the Rift Valley. This culminated in the group staying with a village over a couple of weeks learning about the maasai culture, and sharing the life of the villagers.

In return for this the village were gifted financial aid from the group to assist them with their dream of building a community school and constructing a dam for a water supply