Oloip Maasai Dancers
About Us
We are a group of Maasai dancers using their talent of dancing and singing to create awareness about disabled children in the maasai community and to promote education in rural areas. We perform in community and private gatherings, our name Oloip is a maasai word meaning Shade, we chose this name to explain the cool rejuvenating one feels in the shades after a hot day's work, the maasai area is very warm and this name fits the cooling feeling. Our dances are derived from the rich world renown maasai culture of dances like the famous Adumu warriors dance, through dances and talks we bring together communities and teach them the importance of caring for the disabled within the community, its a challenging task that requires love and patience, of which all of  the Oloip members learned to acquire through being with such people. Through these dances we have also been able to impart this feeling not only within our Community but also outside even our Country, we have been able to get very loving and willing partners from England and also recently we have partnered with other communities outside the maa people who are willing to take our quest to another level,  through these partnership we have been able to achieve what otherwise could have been impossible for just Oloip group, the group is open to new partners and people of the same passion to work together and see our Community learning how to live and care for disable persons within them.