Oloip Maasai Dancers
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Thank you for visiting the official website for the Oloip Maasai Dancers.

We are a professional not for profit dance group, based in the beautiful country of Kenya, whose aim is to raise awareness of the maasai culture and traditions through our dance performances.

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The main focus of our group is to raise the awareness of disability issues within the maasai community, however through our work we also assist local communities and international organisations to support many different projects and initiatives to help raise funds for various maasai communities to lift them out of poverty, to improve access to education, and to preserve our culture and traditions.

At the heart of our group is a keen desire to ensure that both disabled children and adults are provided with the full opportunities that would be made available to any human being. We visit local schools and communities to try and assist where possible with this key aim. We also work with overseas business to raise the profile of the plight of the maasai culture, and in particular the standards of access to education for people with disabilities.

Our group is also available to undertake other work outside of this immediate remit to help other community organisations raise awareness of particular issues through the medium of traditional maasai song and dance.

Our name, Oloip, transaltes from the word shade. This name was chosen by the group members to represent the idea that dance and performance can rejuvenate and refresh the soul. Exactly the same rejuvenation and refreshment that each and every maasai herder benefits from when resting underneath the shade of an acacia tree whilst tending their cattle.

Dancing has always been an integral part of the maasai culture, the most well known being the adumu, or jumping dance. Here is an opportunity for a warrior to demonstrate their stamina and strength by jumping as high as he can to the rising chorus of the circle of warriors surrounding him. However, this is not the only dance that we undertake. Our performances include many interpretations of both the traditional & modern maasai culture. We are able to demonstrate a wide variety of dances that are structured and suited to various occasions.

Our maasai culture is under threat, our traditions are disappearing. We hope, through the promotion of our dance, that we can do a small bit to keep our traditions alive.

Please note all donations made are handled through our sponsors UK registered charity the Woodland Ways Bushcraft Foundation. All monies are identified as an Oloip Maasai donation and 100% of the funds are directed to our group via the UK.